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It's a good assumption that most people don't think about garage door services until something goes wrong. Kent Garage Doors services and repairs a variety of garage door breakdowns, with free job quotes.

We'll service your big door, bringing it back to its usefulness and ensure that it's functionally safe for all who pass through this large home portal. More on Our Services.

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Kent Garage Door Repairs

Door Opener Repair

Opener Repair

When your garage door opener, motor, chain or belt drives go haywire, we'll be there to repair the problem, or, if needed, replace the opener.

Broken Garage Door Spring

Broken Springs

Tightly-wound garage door springs are subject to breaking after several thousand open-close cycles. Broken spring repairs are our specialty.

Off Track Door

Off Track Doors

We can get your garage door on track and secure once again. You can't risk to have your access or trapped car inside an unsafe, off-track garage door.

New Garage Doors

New Garage Doors

When you need a new garage door, we can suggest upgrades to carriage garage doors, more secure steel doors, or other decorative doors.

Replacing Panels

Panel Replacement

Garage doors get dinged. If the damage is not severe, we'll replace those bad panels with new ones, hopefully avoiding the cost of a whole new door.

Broken Garage Door Roller Repair

Roller Replacements

Rollers wear out if they're not lubricated right (some lubricants can actually damage rollers). We'll replace worn-out rollers with the newest U.S. made parts.

Garage Door Drums

Drums & Pulley Repair

Garage door drums and pulleys work with the cable system. With the opener and springs, they keep your garage door balanced during the open-close cycle.

New Doors

Preventive Maintenance

We perform general and preventative maintenance, ensuring that industry-approved lubricants are used on torsion springs and moving components.


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